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Treacherous female

I have been reading QC for a while now, and it must be one of the first link I click on in the morning, even before reading my non-existing emails. I find it amazing how the author manages to catch one of the most devious feminine side, the one known as "and now I'm dragging the apple of your eyes on top of the building, use some seamingly innocent moves to make him blink in disbelief, speak about the stars, or some other randomness, to finally push my tongue down his throat, before saying, "uhh, I really hate doing that behind her back, but well, where should we take that next?""

At that stage, the male creature is generally suffering from shell-shock, and the crafty female knows the little darling is in the bag.

Girls are evil, and either the QC writer has a very powerfull insight in the slightly twisted female brain, or his girlfriend has taught him well.

# mimile, le Lundi 27 Février 2006, 10:33 dans "bienvenue sur l ile maudite".


Ecrit par Anonyme le Lundi 27 Février 2006, 15:44

A pessimist is a man who thinks all women are bad.  An optimist is a man who hopes they are.  ~Chauncey Mitchell Depew

Une p'tite chanson peut-être:

Adam and Eve
Sittin' in the woods
Eve said man
I got somethin real good
It's in that tree
You'll get smart fast
Adam said sure
Satan my ass
I don't see no snakes but

All women are bad
All women are bad
That's what he said
All women are bad
Groovy wiggly tails
Horns on their heads
All women are bad
All women are bad

Sampson and Delilah
Were talkin' bout groomin'
Delilah said "Sam,
Ya don't look human"
She took some scissors
Went snip snip
Said "Now everybody's gonna
Think you're hip"
Sam felt his head and said
"All women are bad"


There's one with you
Lookin' so sweet
But she's just a wolf
Dressed up like sheep
Secret gadgets
Up under her clothes
Stuff ya hear about
But nobody knows
It ain't no use…
All women are bad


Save me the label
Of that perfume on the table
So I can remember
What made a wreck of me

All women are bad

(The Cramps)


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