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Assez surprenant d avoir du temps a ne rien faire, au point de se demander si le lab n est pas la vrai solution, ou plutot, le lab au soleil.

Au bout de trois jours je rouille deja, et je me trouve toute prickely, a raler contre la moindre betise. Need to have a purpose, or to do something worthy of the time spent doing it. Might sound stupid, but still makes loads of sense.

Nevermind, my mind is drifting away again, probably due to all those hours spend sniffing nocious DCM fumes, almost feeling the neurones melting as I breathed, and hoping I could put the racing thought on paper. Almost regretting not to have been able to do it, as if what had happen then was now lost, due to my inability to remember those little things without some kind of promt [i.e. someone telling me " hey, do you remember when..."].

First thought right now: my long lost friend Clairette, that I seem unable to catch either in France or the UK, will be in Kyoto on the exact same day as we will. Too good to be true.

Second thought: damn, i'm back in the procrastinating loop, sitting in a californian public library, writing nonsense as time goes by.

Final thought: right now, I could be extracting.

The sad thing is that my dreams of PCR have now been replaced by dreams of chemical set-ups, where I see my beakers lined up on their heating plates, my SPE cartridges equilibrating, and so on. Probably the side effect of having a whole lab to myself, and spreading my mess over every work surface available.

Three days away from the lab, and I crave to be back, although I couldn't wait to leave when I was there. I think I just want to do my experiments in my little lab, but outside the hospital, without the three meetings a week, the deadlines, the meetings, the progress meetings, the networking meetings of doom. I just fancy extracting my stuff, and playing with my GC.

Very likely to have some headhunting going on next week. However, if my heart isn't that strongly bound to my current work [well it is, in a funny not happy but happy way, maybe it's just the novelty not wearing of fast enouh, or me having had to great expectation about the post-doc status], it is to Gl00m ville.

Damn, I've lost what I wanted to say, probably something about my Dr. A., the CoE, the in laws, the brainwashing, and how I set myself not to be the perfect daughter-in-laws [oh oh oh surprise...]. Next time maybe.

# mimile, le Jeudi 25 Mai 2006, 19:37 dans "bienvenue sur l ile maudite".



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absurdus : Cheick en blanc (2) N
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