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L'avenir appartient...

... a ceux dont les thesards se levent tot.

Parce que certains trouvent toujours les bons mots.

As it happens, I'm just wondering back here a year after the last post. Same feeling here and now than when I realise I've left my papers pile-up without filing them: I realise the opportunity is gone, and I'll have to live with the mess (nothing new here). It's only the same, but with my brain. One day I'll troll my archives to have a laugh at my own PhD struggles / expense, but not now, the issue is still a bit tender...

So my visit my be worth a quick update, if not only for my own sake's in a few year time (when all the DCM I use daily will have melted my brain away).

The thesisgate ironed itself out, or rather, I spent my days, my night making the mess a bit straighter, cried a lot, "bit the bullet" stopped hating "them" blatantly to only hate them silently.

I'm now anti-enjoying the postdoc-ing, which sees me slave around an eminent professor, who despite being extremely demanding, is also extremly enthusiastic and motivated. A welcomed change.

I have my own army of technicians, students and other flying monkeys, whoI wish I could say jump through hoops and bend backward, but sadly, it's the other way round. I could elaborate for days on my latest master student, which is record-breaking in her own rights and makes me want to inhale a lot of ethyl acetate for breakfast. But I still need to update Kiara on that, to exorcise the pain. Too raw, too fresh, somehow.

I'm also marrying my Dr. A in a few months, an achievment in itself, since he's the guy who brushed me off only a couple of years ago, on the grounds that I wasn't worthy enough. CoE influence, off course... As a good geek, I still don t have a dress, which I decided on making myself...

Otherwise, we're still enjoying Doomville, and aren't considering coming back to the mothership yet.

Plenty of other mostly good things, that would take too much time for me to elaborate on. But maybe the bug is bitting back and I'll be back before a year...

Time will tell, but Le fond de l eprouvette hasn't been reached yet....

# mimile, le Jeudi 24 Mai 2007, 21:28 dans "bienvenue sur l ile maudite".


Ecrit par Anonyme le Lundi 28 Mai 2007, 11:59

Ca fait plaisir de te revoir en ligne! J'espere que tu vas bien. Dany

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So you're still alive
Ecrit par Gnaf le Lundi 28 Mai 2007, 15:27

Merci d'être passée ici pour laisser ces quelques nouvelles. Bon courage pour le mariage, c'est un vrai plaisir à organiser, ce genre de choses (grin).

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Ecrit par Anonyme le Mardi 29 Mai 2007, 12:29

Contente pour ceux qui sont écrits et les Plenty of other mostly good things. A bientôt peut-être alors,


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Ecrit par erathrya le Jeudi 31 Mai 2007, 14:18

le retour de Mimile!
bon courage pour tout.

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Ecrit par xel le Samedi 2 Juin 2007, 22:12

oh it iz naïce to have some niouzes :)

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Ecrit par Absurdus le Jeudi 7 Juin 2007, 13:34

Nice to read you (agaïïïn).
Been missin' you and wonderin'.
Do you come back and see real mountains sometimes?

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Ecrit par mimile le Samedi 9 Juin 2007, 22:47

Supposedly back sometime soon to the mothership, to see some real mountains indeed :)

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