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Vendredi (06/01/17)

Time Capsule 2017 This blog is a time capsule.

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Jeudi (19/01/12)

Blast from the past

[...] 18/01/12 - toujours sur l'ile maudite. Toujours au fond de l'eprouvette. Mari, check - enfant, check - thesards, check, check, check, check - financement, [ahem] check?

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Samedi (02/10/10)

Dilettante Ca marche toujours? j'ai oublié tous les mots de passe. La misere. C'est soit les années qui passent, soit la biochimie trop agressive qui m'a mangé le cerveau. L'un ou l'autre.

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Vendredi (06/06/08)

Green Fingered

I was going to contribute to the newly created joint venture, but I realised that being a tad bit too miserable today, it would have spoiled the cheery atmosphere.

Because after weeks of ploughing the garden, adding compost, weeding and stuff, the freekin' birds have eaten my pea seedlings. They've waited until the tiny green shoots came out, dug the peas out and scoffed them.

For revenge, we'll have chicken tomorrow.

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Mardi (13/05/08)


Une brève parenthèse au milieu d’une journée sans bien grandes surprises, mise a part que je rouille comme pas deux devant ma pile de protocoles à écrire.

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Mercredi (16/04/08)

Back to the agarose gel

Apres des annees (3!) a faire de la bioch basique et mechante, le style qui te bouffe la main si tu mets pas tes gants, je retrouve le vieux plaisir de fracasser des bout de machin pour faire des gels a la con.

Y'a pas dire, c est quand meme plus marrant...

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Samedi (15/03/08)

No kidding... time's flying.

How weird. Time seems to go faster and faster these days... haven't been back to the East cost in ages, although we'd be quite keen to grab some lunch/dinner with Miss Weed-worker and her frizzy latest accessory. On top of that, I'm trying to be crafty at work to prolongate my spell in academia-world.

Being nice here, helpfull there, trying hard, and a bit harder, while everyone is drinking tea, more tea and even more tea. Doomed. As usual. A crappy student, not enough time, not enough funding to justify doing my own things. Oh well. Need to come up with something by the summer. Otherwise, job center. No pressure then.

Otherwise, married life treating us well, can't complain, really. It's just living with someone as obsessed as I am with finding the next pot of gold to spend on some dodgy experiment... I'm not twenty-six stone yet, although gorgeing on Nutella more often than I should. I'm not quite the house-wife type yet, and, no fear on that side, probably will never be. I'm not wearing cardigans yet, probably  'cause i'm still as skint as I was while I was a student. My husband is still looking at me (sometime) and is massaging my feet at the mo, so I guess there still is a life after marriage.

Treating this as a bit of a keep-in-touch, really, that's taking the piss. But hey, that was why I first started. And it's not like I've got anything clever to say, because I have not. Just the old same. Same crappy research, crappy buiding site I'm living in, crappy mockery of an adult life. That said, it's Gin time. Before litterature-bloody update time....

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Jeudi (18/10/07)

Marrying the Auld Enemy

Un petit update, histoiren de garder un log plus ou moins "comprehensive" du millesime 2007.

Apres plein de galeres, comme ici, la ou encore la et la, je l'ai finalement marié, le Dr. A. Tout les gens importants pour nous etait la, y compris Kiara, Ab, Shan, Chilian Boy, La Truite, La Larve etc... Un bon petit WE sur la cote ouest, la ou le temps est souvent pourri.

WE had a lovely day, and now I'm Dr. A, too. How weird, I've married the Auld Enemy, damn it!

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Jeudi (24/05/07)

L'avenir appartient...

... a ceux dont les thesards se levent tot.

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Vendredi (26/05/06)

Slightly bitter

Il y a des jours ou je me reveille, ou je pense aux bonnes choses des derniers jours, et puis il y a ceux ou je me reveille triste en repensant a comment les chose tournent au vinaigre parfois. Je viens de deblaterer en anglais tout ce qui me serre la gorge depuis quelques mois. Ce qui est bete avec l anglais, c est que trop de monde le comprend, d'ou les quelques lignes en francais, en premier paragraphe, comme pour "cacher a merde au chat".

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Jeudi (25/05/06)


Assez surprenant d avoir du temps a ne rien faire, au point de se demander si le lab n est pas la vrai solution, ou plutot, le lab au soleil.

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Mercredi (24/05/06)

Back on track?

As the weeks went by, the work intensified, the demands from "management" as well. With a stroke of 3 meetings a week, difficult to lose the momentum. Waking up, walking through the lovely park, down the lovely main road, to the smelly hospital ward. Getting in my lonely lab, putting the facemask on, without any break to check mails or else. Soaking in solvents for a mere 6 or 8 hours, hoping that this time, the result would be conclusive, not so much for my sake, but just to see a pleased look on Vieux Sage's face.

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Not Dead [Yet]

En depit des apparences, je suis toujours la. Meme si mes journees commencent avec le nez derriere le face mask, a bricoler sous la hotte avec neon poucraves qui clignotes.

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Mardi (28/03/06)

Anticlimax & tandem MS

Tandem MS, c'est pour mon hobby du mois, celui qui me voit taper sur la derniere GC a grand coup de clef a molette, dans la tradition des traitements de choc qui donne un meilleur spectrum.
Anticlimax, c'est pour la conclusion du chapitre.

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Jeudi (09/03/06)

A week to go

A week to go, and i'll be back in mingland
Une semaine a courir, donc.

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Jeudi (02/03/06)

Un grand coup de pied aux fesses et un petit coup de pouce

A la CoE ils font pas Lent, apparemment, ce qui m’a bien fait rire, tout de meme. Ca casse un peu le mythe “hollier than you” dont Dany parlait il n’y a pas si longtemps. Bref, a chacun son truc en meme temps.

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Lundi (27/02/06)

Treacherous female

I have been reading QC for a while now, and it must be one of the first link I click on in the morning, even before reading my non-existing emails. I find it amazing how the author manages to catch one of the most devious feminine side, the one known as "and now I'm dragging the apple of your eyes on top of the building, use some seamingly innocent moves to make him blink in disbelief, speak about the stars, or some other randomness, to finally push my tongue down his throat, before saying, "uhh, I really hate doing that behind her back, but well, where should we take that next?""

At that stage, the male creature is generally suffering from shell-shock, and the crafty female knows the little darling is in the bag.

Girls are evil, and either the QC writer has a very powerfull insight in the slightly twisted female brain, or his girlfriend has taught him well.

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